Guided mostly by color and pattern as well as the pleasures of play and discovery, Lou Storey's paintings convey a loose narrative that evolves and solidifies intuitively while he is working on them. The highly textured surfaces are built up in layers using forms that he creates and then casts in plastic. These forms begin with letters and numbers and progress into various squiggles, spirals, and shapes--a personal iconography that has reoccurred in his paintings over a twenty-year period.

Lou Storey writes-"Our lives are patterns—we mesh together with people, events, seasons—the warp and weft of day and night, day and night.  There are long and involved narratives in the cracks in the ceiling that change from moment to moment. Some cultures endow patterns with meaning—a certain Aruba stripe worn just-so will have meaning to cast and rank in society.  Somewhere in the mish-mash of all this is what I am looking for—the wonder of loose narrative, the adventure of figuring out the hieroglyph of meaning in something that should be meaningless, a trigger for the imagination.”